to socio-ecological

VIMONDA is a community-based strategy agency as well as a think-tank which seeks to create added value through eco-social innovation. Through strategic dialogue with our partners we shape and assist change, brand development and the formation of new business models. Next to economical targets we always consider ethical and ecological aspects in our approach. Together with our agency BLANK we offer a complete range of services: development of sustainable strategies and business models, brand concepts, communication and design.

For about 10 years we have been involved in the progress of the sustainable food scene in Berlin. As advisers and creative partners we mainly work on a strategic-conceptual level, however we have also developed our own formats for events and have realised socioecological projects for institutions and local authorities. Our list of clients ranges from the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), the protestant church congress (Evangelischer Kirchentag), the bicycle festival Velo Berlin to the Heinrich Böll Foundation (affiliated with the German Green Party).

project conception
and planing

Strategy, brand
and design for founders and
small and medium sized businesses

Corporate Cuisine projects for

Gastronomy-consulting and new
business models

Workshops and seminars featuring sustainable culinary art

needs us all

At VIMONDA we believe that everyone has a special talent and that they can contribute with their potential to social change – without exception. We believe that our social systems hinder the free development of personality, creativity and potential, even if the general view might be different. That is why we aim at a social and business culture which focuses on collective and social growth and in which everyone can participate. In our projects we place the human being in the center and offer employees and partners ample room for personal development.

We believe in the freedom
of every human being.

We actively support
personal development.

We take emotions

We know that change
begins with mindfulness.

How we work

Social change and changing ecological conditions demand a new vision of our economical business model, as growth alone won’t guarantee sustainable business success. Social values such as meaning, quality of life and responsibility gain importance and have to be integrated into the economical context. Based on this new situation and with regards to current changes in society we have chosen a non-linear, modular advisory approach which incorporates strategy, marketing and communication. An added value concept which aims at ecological and economical efficiency in all aspects of business takes center stage.

Responsibility, respect and open-mindedness are important values to us. In our work we place slowing down before acceleration, the simple before the complicated, the commitment before routine, and quality before fast action. We value our clients as partners and fellow campaigners – together we want to create sustainable success.


For many years an active member of the Berlin food scene, he is committed to sustainable urban development and innovative business models all around the culinary workflow. As adviser he takes a special interest in municipality and socio-ecological projects. As the managing director of VIMONDA he develops corporate food projects and advises brands strategically and creatively.


Within the Green Party he is envisioning a part of our future, in his own cookery school he teaches his knowledge to professionals, children and teachers alike. As a partner of VIMONDA he advises gastronomical ventures and businesses from the food-sector in sourcing and sustainable High Cuisine. Together with his chef and gastronomy network he develops corporate cuisine strategies and culinary identities for start-ups, small and medium sized businesses and the event scene in Berlin and beyond.


Has a wonderful feel for creative horizons, endows young brands and start-ups with a special and unique aesthetic and is always up to date with the latest culinary trends. For our clients and brands she transforms theoretical strategies into an aesthetic narrative with long lasting impact.


Is himself part of the scene which he puts into images: with ease he travels from a plate over a hand to a portrait and into a landscape – every time his photos tell a story. For Tommy, storytelling with images is a question of perspective and attitude – his photos speak of special moments in time and of the boldness to do things differently once in a while. Examples anyone?


He creatively explores just about everything which moves us, he is a talented illustrator and can transform whole worlds in Photoshop – he is virtually ahead of his time. With his digital paintbrush he tells new stories and has a critical mind when it comes to alogical concepts and texts.


He is the calm in the eye of a storm, always logically structuring our many ideas and concepts and understands our clients’ wishes. As a designer and producer he skilfully brings all our ideas – analogue or digital – to life, from the pages of our magazine to exhibition stalls. Thomas lives in France, has established a co-working space in Lyon (link) and possesses a perfect network for all our ideas.


For decades Dirk has been busy as a brand ambassador in the organic food scene. He advises manufacturers, food start-ups and innovative brands; from obtaining the organic certification to sourcing, marketing and sale. As partner of VIMONDA he closes the gap with the trade and with his whole sale business specialising in new brands, he directly accesses the retail shops.


New to VIMONDA, she has a special eye for content and texts, in German as well as in English. For years she was a programme editor for Film and TV and is now curious about any form of story-telling, wherever. At VIMONDA she is looking forward to dedicating herself to her private mission and soft spot: good food with sense and sensibility.