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Man has always been a storyteller – for millenniums. Also our current culture is based upon powerful narratives and the according images. Our communication concepts derive from the creation myths of companies and their brands, investigate their own history and search for the motivational force behind the visible products. The mode of communication always reveals the core of a brand and the strategy, as every wording directly points at the identity of a business and its values.
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Every business strategy needs an active layout as this is an expression of its identity, has a high integrating impact and is the reflection of forces virulent within society. A precise and focused communication concept aims at a consensus within the company and at the same time documents the intent for outside implementation. Furthermore this concept always has to be agile and openminded in order to be able to react swiftly to social and ecological change. These tools have to be developed.

Brands need
an agile and versatile

Communication for change

needs strategy

Within an effective corporate culture communication and design are not sustainable without strategic principles. Consistency, simplification and efficiency are the characteristics of a formative concept. It creates a coherent, distinctive and purposeful image operating inwards and out. This functional approach does not exclude either creativity or sensuality.

Each and every concept uses different elements with regards to its strategy. According to the Sinus-milieu a segmentation of the target group and stakeholders is established. The more precise the identity model and the positioning are laid out, the more sustainable and memorable the effect. The focus on one core service and one clearly identified market segment uses the existing resources to their optimal advantage.