Social Business
als zukunftsweisendes

We prefer to think and work off the beaten track, question the existing and shake up the past. All of this always with full commitment. We are comrades in arms and co-thinkers and we make the projects of our partners to our own mission as soon as we know that we agree on objectives and values. As nothing really works out completely by itself, we do not only think, create and conceptualise, but also actively help to get the projects “out there”. We are designers, philosophers, brand experts, controllers, managers and makers – and sometimes also the worrywart (not inevitably, but always when it is necessary). The VIMONDA network is big and wide but closely tied together through joint ideals, a lot of passion and a committed attitude towards the future. For many years we have supported start-ups und entrepreneurs in their development and in their search for socio-ecological business models.

In future the success
of a company
is rooted in a value-based

and sustainable strategy linked
to the social and ecological challenges of our time.

At VIMONDA we believe that everyone has a special talent and that they can contribute with their potential to social change – without exception. We believe that our social systems hinder the free development of personality, creativity and potential, even if the general view might be different. That is why we aim at a society and business models in which everyone can participate. In our projects we place the human being in the center and offer employees and partners ample room for personal development. People who are marginalised, who have to deal with restrictions of all sorts or who face difficulties in our society are employed in all sectors and trusted with different tasks – as well in our own agency as in new business models or projects for sustainable start-ups.

needs us all.

The future
is decided within
the urban space.
We need

sustainable solutions

for feeding populations, Mobility
and social life.

In interconnection with NGO’s, institutions and other businesses, VIMONDA develops various projects and business models at the intersection of urban space and countryside, man and nature, chefs and the wellness sector, civil society and politics as well as of businesses and industry. Our goal is to create sustainable added value for businesses, employees and the society in an equal way. At the same time the efficient use of resources and energy as well as social aspects and entrepreneurial responsibility are equally important to us.

We work for NGOs and Non-profit-projects without fees and bring our expertise and our network to the development of a brand or a business model. As our capacities are limited we kindly ask you to present your case by email.

Wir engagieren uns für Ihr soziales Projekt.

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